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EMPIC Newsletter September 2019

The EMPIC Newsletter from September 2019 is published

EMPIC GmbH, 16.09.19


April 2019: User-Meeting 2019-1

User-Meeting of EMPIC clients in Erlangen

EMPIC GmbH, 1.05.19


New Client: CAA of Thailand

CAA of Thailand signs a big contract with EMPIC GmbH

EMPIC GmbH, 8.03.19


January 2019: Expert Meeting Munich

EMPIC invites clients to the next Expert Meeting to Munich

EMPIC GmbH, 8.03.19


December 2018: ICAO RAAC/16

EMPIC will participate at the Conference of SAM in Lima

EMPIC GmbH, 31.01.19


Happy New Year 2019

Best wishes to all clients, partners and staff

EMPIC GmbH, 8.01.19


November 2018: User-Meeting 2018-2

User-Meeting of EMPIC clients in Erlangen

EMPIC GmbH, 1.12.18


October 2018: DGCA 55 APAC Conference

EMPIC participtates at the ICAO APAC Conference in Fiji

EMPIC GmbH, 30.11.18


November 2018: EMPIC 2018 R2 will be released

EMPIC will release version 2018 R2 in November 2018

EMPIC GmbH, 1.11.18


October 2018: ICAO AN-Conf/13

EMPIC exhibits on 13. ICAO Air Navigation Conference in Montreal

EMPIC GmbH, 31.10.18


September 2018: ICAO IWAF 2018

EMPIC exhibits on ICAO World Aviation Forum in Brazil

EMPIC GmbH, 13.10.18


EMPIC Version 2018 R1 released

EMPIC releases new software version for all application modules

EMPIC GmbH, 1.08.18


User-Meeting 2018-1

April 2018: User Meeting in Erlangen

EMPIC GmbH, 1.07.18


User-Meeting 2017-2

November 2017: User Meeting in Erlangen

EMPIC GmbH, 20.12.17


User Meeting 2017-1

May 2017: User Meeting in Erlangen

EMPIC GmbH, 31.05.17


EMPIC User Meeting with Visitor Record

More than 70 Representatives from Regulators as Guests

EMPIC GmbH, 4.05.17


EMPIC in new Building

EMPIC moved to a new building in Erlangen

EMPIC GmbH, 19.01.17


New customer: LBA Germany

01.08.16: LBA Germany decided for a contract with EMPIC about delivery and introduction of MEDICAL.

A warm welcome to LBA in the EMPIC community

EMPIC GmbH, 31.12.16


User Meeting Autumn 2016

EMPIC invites customers to our next User Meeting to Erlangen, Germany.


When: 07/11/2016 - 11/11/2016


Where: at our office in Erlangen.




EMPIC GmbH, 20.07.16


EASA Annual Safety Conference

25/26 October 2016: EASA Annual Safety Conference: New Technologies & New Business models: Meeting the expectations of a changing aviation industry

EMPIC GmbH, 3.12.16


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